Phage Maleficar

A style guide to thrifting in black
A zine about the avant-garde theatre troupe of the 90s
A PS1 style mystery game
Visual Novel
A story about grunge and murder in 90s Seattle
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A memoir / guide to the Pathetic Northweird
A neo-noir thriller about the witch crime syndicates of Seattle
In Space Stuff Happens That Takes Place in Space... Space Stuff
Explore a miserable boring office.
Interactive Fiction
A collection of short horror, fantasy, & scifi stories.
The original covers to the first 6 issues of the zine
Run in browser
A zine dedicated to Mia
A text only zine about how I felt after seeing a dead body
A zine about another life I could have lived
My fave punk bars of the Northeast
A free character for your games, RPGs, or stories