Seeking 3D Modeler Volunteer for NPC Creation

Seeking Volunteer

Role Required: 3D modeler

Platforms: Mac, Win

The Job: Need a 3D modeler to make low poly, low pixel PS1 style NPCs. Think MGS1 and Tomb Raider for style. Def need to be rigged, meshed, materiel'ed etc. Characters are British royal navy sailors from the 1800s. Have tuns of character refs / portraits for you to go on.

Project Description: PS1 style mystery game. Set in the 1800s, a British navy ship is trapped in the ice and a series of bizarre incidents take place. You play as Doctor Barclay, the ship's surgeon and only man above suspicion. You talk to the crew to get clues, who are slowly going insane and despise the doctor. Think a very basic Pathologic / Myst.

Most of the project is already finished. Just need the NPC assets to complete it.

Team size: Just me :) I'm the developer, writer, illustrator, graphic designer, content designer, etc. The only thing I can't do is 3D modeling.

My Previous Projects / Portfolio:

Compensation: None, I plan to release this game for free and am working on a budget of 0. I'll put ya in the credits and thank you profusely.

Contact:  Comment with best way to reach you or At me on Twitter, PhageMaleficar.



Jan 23, 2021
Jan 23, 2021

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